Mud Slide Pottery

Roly and Geno Boni

At Mudslide Pottery we work to produce well crafted stoneware and porcelain pottery. Although deeply
rooted in tradition, our work uniquely conveys our ideas about the modern world. We draw inspiration
from the environment that surrounds us; from the forests we played in as children to the modern
architecture that dominate today's cities. We use motion and gesture as a design concept to give our
work a sense of life. Most of our work is designed and produced to be used daily, so function is our
main concern. We want our pots to work as well as they look. All of our work is handmade one piece
at a time on the potters' wheel and finished without the use of molds or factory production techniques.
Our pots are often altered after being thrown by adding spouts and handles. We have designed our
handles to be comfortable, and our spouts to pour well.

Through the process our pots are fired twice, the first firing is done at a lower temperature to temper
the clay which makes it easier to handle and glaze. After the first firing each piece is sanded, wax
resist is applied to the foot and then glazed. All of the glazes we use are formulated and hand-mixed
by us using various clays, minerals, and metallic oxides. We strive to create glazes that are visually
stimulating. We use streaking, running and layering effects to produce mottling, crystal growth and
color bands within the glaze. After the work is carefully glazed and inspected it is loaded into our 32 cu
ft. down-draft gas kiln. Over a twelve hour period the potter is fired to 3250 degrees F in a reduction
atmosphere. Reduction is a process which starves the chamber of oxygen during crucial points in the
firing. This process is extremely important to the finished look of the work and is monitored closely.

Our hope is that the use of our pottery will enrich and bring joy to our customers everyday lives.

All glazes are lead free and our work can be put in the microwave and dishwasher.