Geno Boni

Geno was born in Ridgway, PA and attended Endinboro University where he is studied Ceramics.  The creations and implementation of the Appalachian Arts Studio had a direct impact n Geno.  While helping with the renovations of the building and setting up the pottery studio, he would find himself there nights and weekends practicing on the wheel.  Although he was attending college in Philadelphia, majoring in business, he couldn’t quite let go of the pottery.  While there, he enrolled in an advanced pottery class at the Cheltenham Art Center.  It was there that he met Peter Quinn. Peter was the instructor and also taught at Montgomery Community College.  After seeing Geno’s work, Peter started pushing hard for Geno to follow his dreams.  This led to a change in major and a change in address. Geno transferred to Endinboro University of Pennsylvania, and immediately took to the studios there.  As a freshman, he was invited to take part in and appointed Vice President of the Edinboro Clay Club, an honor usually reserved for juniors.  He was then nominated to attend the National Council For the Education of Ceramic arts in Pittsburgh, PA.  Geno’s aptitude for design and structure are the gifts that he takes with him to both the wheel and the classroom.